BeautyHolic's mobile app is Technology at work, designed intuitively to make beauty & wellness services available at a click of a button. Powered by a powerful discovery platform, BeautyHolic enables you to discover Salons, Spas, Stylists, Make-up, Tattoo and all other beauty & wellness service providers in Singapore. Yes, you read it right – BH will unlock a whole new world of beauty on your mobile phone. It will also enable you to make informed decisions since you will be able to select a service provider after viewing their detailed profile, location, services, pricing, reviews and ratings. Last minute rush will become a thing of the past since you will be able to book instantly and get yourself pampered in the comfort of your home. More to be unravelled, once the App is officially launched in Singapore. Stay Tuned!!

You should be on BeautyHolic, if you are a

Customer - Looking for Beauty & Wellness Services
Customer - Looking for Wonder Deals and Discounts
Business House Providing Beauty & Wellness Services
Freelancer Providing Beauty & Wellness Services


Benefits for Customers
  • Discover beauty service like Spas, Saloons, Stylists and many more in less than 60 seconds, what's more you can do all this sitting in the comfort of your place.
  • Experience the pleasure of booking your choice of service as per your preferred time and location. Pinch yourself, yes its true !!
  • Pay online or by cash, you are the boss and its completely your choice. Multi-mode payment method of BeautyHolic is designed to meet your ease & convenience.
  • Experience a quality centric and trouble-free experience with just a few taps on your iPhone of Android Phone.
  • Get the best deals in your area, know whats trending and who are the top beauty service providers. Make informed decision of selecting the right provider based on reviews / ratings.
Benefits for Service Partners
  • Build your profile seamlessly, enlist your location, services, packages and timings easily, showcase a compelling story and fill your booking calendar.
  • Break free from geographic constraints and reach out to millions of customers on a look out to find and book beauty & wellness services.
  • Manage bookings 24 / 7, minimize no-shows, track your business growth, manage billing, and invoicing seamlessly, all this with minimal intervention and on-the-go.
  • Be your own boss, choose the service that you wish to provide, set your own price, discounts, deals, availability, cancellation policies and more.
  • See your business grow exponentially all thanks to a simple mobile app.
Benefits for Freelancers
  • Get yourself an online presence, showcase your profile & services, promote your business, get discovered and fill your booking calendar.
  • Grow your business exponentially by propelling it with the cutting edge technology of BeautyHolic App and make it more organized and efficient.
  • Manage Bookings on your mobile, set your availability and receive jobs on the basis of the same.
  • Customers will love to do business with you cause of the ease of booking and convenience of payment.
  • Add dynamism to your business by offering dynamic pricing & real time deals and discounts.
  • Develop strong market intel by attending seminars and events hosted by BeautyHolic.

Launching Soon in Singapore

We will be launching soon both the Android and iOS versions of BeautyHolic mobile app.

Stay tuned & posted about the launch date by registering yourself to our NewsLetter service.

How does it Work

Real world problems demand real world solutions, BeautyHolic is one such mobile application focussing on making beauty service discovery - enjoyable, convenient and time saving. With just few taps you can book service of your choice at a time and place of your choice.
Here's a look at how BeautyHolic mobile app works:

Select service of your choice

You name the beauty / wellness service we probably have it, whether its spa, saloon, make up, stylist, tattoo, pedicure, manicure, yoga etc. you can find a service of your choice for sure on BeautyHolic.

Search as per your preference

Narrow down your search based on your preferred location, date & time, that's not all you can even get these services delivered to your home.

Make informed choices

Zero in on a service provider by checking out first their detailed profile, customer reviews & ratings. Also check out the deals offered on various services, if you like what you see then book them.

Shortlist multiple service providers

BeautyHolic pampers you with choices, you can shortlist multiple beauty service providers and contact them at the same time, the one to accept your job first gets the job.

Pay by choice

Pay online or by cash, choice is yours. Multi-mode payment method of BeautyHolic is designed to meet your ease & convenience.
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